Admission FAQs

The process of being admitted to one of our programs requires several steps and interactions before treatment can begin. Below are some commonly asked questions about getting started with one of our programs.

Why do I need to call for a screening?

In order for us to determine if our treatment services will meet your child’s specific needs, each individual or family who is interested in participating in our treatment completes a telephone screening with a member of our admissions staff. Face-to-face screenings are available, if needed.

The screening may take from 30 to 60 minutes. There is no charge for this screening, and the information is confidential. A parent/guardian may provide information for prospective patients under the age of 14.

What happens after I complete the screening?

Based on a review of this screening, a physician or psychologist will be contacted by admissions staff to review the information to determine if our treatment services will meet your needs. After this clinical review, admissions staff will contact you and share the physician’s recommendation.

When can I expect to hear back from the admissions staff?

The screening information is given to the appropriate program psychologist for their clinical review within the next one to two business days. You can expect to be contacted by admissions staff within three to five days of completing the screening.

Can I find out if my son/daughter has completed the screening?

Due to federal regulations regarding confidentiality, once a prospective patient has shared his or her clinical history with our staff, we cannot share any information without his or her permission.

Once my child is recommended for admission, what happens next?

Admissions staff will contact you to:
-Discuss any required paperwork, referrals, or medical and/or laboratory tests that are needed prior to admission,
-Review insurance coverage and payment arrangements, and
-Place your child’s name on a list of individuals recommended for admission to the specific program.

Is there a waiting period?

Occasionally, there is a waiting period between the time your child is recommended for admission and the date they begin treatment.

Admissions are dependent upon your child’s specific needs and program availability. When an opening becomes available, our staff will contact you to schedule a starting date and time of arrival.

For questions not answered here, visit the hospital’s website with answers to important questions about the admissions process.

For more information about admissions or to begin a screening
call 414-327-3000
or contact the location nearest you.