Begin an Admission or Referral

This is Rogers Memorial Hospital’s admission information page for the child and adolescent day treatment program.

If your life is in danger, call 911

An initial screening starts the admission process.

Call for a screening: 414-327-3000

The screening will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes. If the child is 14 or older, we will also speak to them, if possible. Face-to-face screenings are available if a telephone screening cannot be completed.

Review for admission

Once the screening has been completed, a psychologist or psychiatrist will review it and recommend an appropriate level of care. The day treatment program manager will review the recommendation and confirm program placement or availability.

Insurance review

A preliminary insurance review will help establish the need for referrals or additional treatment options.

As a courtesy to prospective patients, our admissions staff will contact the family’s insurance carrier to obtain a quote of insurance benefits. Benefit availability, service providers, and medical necessity criteria vary with each insurance plan.

We recommend that potential patients check with their medical insurance carrier to determine what is covered and if there are any exclusions. After admission, an insurance coordinator can provide assistance with remaining questions or concerns.

Contact for placement

After the review, our admissions staff will contact the child’s family and share the placement recommendation.

Before treatment begins, the family will complete the necessary paperwork for admission. Families will also receive a packet with information for their child’s first day.

Many questions about admissions are answered on this site. If you need additional information, visit

For more information about admissions or to begin a screening
call 414-327-3000
or contact the location nearest you.